President’s Message

Welcome To Our Website

Welcome to New Carlisle Federal’s website.  I trust you will find it very resourceful and easy to use for conducting banking transactions.  We strive to maintain a strong level of technology options with primary consideration given to security of your personal information.

If this is your first time visiting our website, and more especially if you are not already a customer of New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank, I invite you to become one.  You’ll find our staff especially friendly, knowledgeable, and very willing to help.

The economy of our local area, nation, and the world has been in turmoil for quite some time now.  If you are like me you are growing weary of it.  Nonetheless, we all have to deal with it as best as we can.  At New Carlisle Federal we are working with our customers to keep them in their homes and to provide additional loan funds to qualified borrowers.  We are helping your neighbors and your community businesses navigate these troubling times. 

This is a great time to be a borrower and a saver.  Interest rates are low which can make borrowing now particularly attractive.  The flip side of this coin however is that deposit rates provide a low return.  Savers are stronger financially because of their ability to save in this stressed financial environment and borrowers can afford loans more easily. 

New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank is an independent community bank and our purpose is to provide strong and fair financial services to our communityDecisions are made locally and quickly.  We are not owned or controlled by some out of town headquarters or out of state bank holding company.  We are interested in what happens in your neighborhood and in your community because we live there too.

Please explore the many features our website has to offer.  You can also find us on Facebook if you like.  I invite you to stop in to visit with us in our offices.  We always welcome the opportunity to interact with our customers and our community.

Dale B. Steinlage


Bank Officers

Dale B. Steinlage, President & CEO
Carl S. Gilbert, SVP – Mortgage and Consumer Lending
Annette M. Ryan, SVP – Business Development
Andy Nichols, VP and Treasurer
Brian A. Smith, VP – Business Development
Teri Dillahunt, AVP – Bank Operations
Julie Brannon, Assistant Vice President
Jason Bucey, Assistant Vice President
Russell Thayer, Assistant Vice President

Board of Directors

H. Steven Grieser, Chairman of the Board
Donald L. Gilliam, Director
Jeffrey S. Goodall, Director
Gerald E. Simonton, Director
Dale B. Steinlage, Director

Branch Managers

Jason R. Bucey, Springfield
Russell D. Thayer, Tipp City